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BritFloyd at the Echo Arena

Last night at the Echo Arena we saw old friends in their first outing as The British Pink Floyd Show. Waiting for the start of the show was as nerve racking for the audience as it must have been for the band. 6,500 veterans of previous Pink Floyd shows waiting anxiously to see if the new kids on the block could pull it off. Any such thoughts were laid to rest, as were the ghosts of the past. From the first moments of Shine On, they were on a mission. TBPFS knew they had to play the best show of their lives, and that is exactly what they did, it was epic from start to finish.

TBPFS has no passengers. Each band member is a stellar musician in their own right, but they come together to create something that is much more than the sum of its parts. Their familiarity with each others' playing allows them to play off each other in a way that only develops after years on the road together, but at the same time they had the energy borne out of it being a new beginning. This was a departure from the safe and predictable, every song had new life injected into it, making you hear them all over again as though for the first time.

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